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Busy Peeps!

I made a few friends last night.  Pretty crazy but I think I like them:

I hope to keep in better touch with you this coming week. In the meantime, here are few pictures from our Green Velvet Studio.

I made Christmas ornaments out of recycled cards and painted cardboard for my Sunday School kids. This is one of my favorites:

My daughter Tara made some fun crosses:

And more in progress. (I hope one of them is for me!):

I planted a little garden of jewel flower magnets:

And while cleaning up I found some beautiful art in one of my favorite places–underneath everybody’s projects. (Will do a post on Leftover Art one of these days.) This one is from my granddaughter Beans. Quite impressive, don’t you think?

Oh we made cookies too, but that will be another post. Stay tuned. They are easy and delicious . . .

Fuzzy Distress Signals: A Paint & Yarn Addiction

I really don’t know how to paint or knit or crochet.   Well, my wonderful mother-in-law did teach me to knit and crochet when I was a very young lady but I never practiced enough. The only way I can explain why I’ve been so hung up on messy, distress painting and playing with fuzzy yarn is that it is FUN.  Proof below that you don’t need to be a talented genius or spend tons of time to be artistic and creative.  You just need to PLAY.   It also doesn’t hurt to buy a nice selection of Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paints (cracked cardboard, where have you been all my life?) or spend a few hours yarn-hunting on eBay.  I admit it.  I’m a needy-stuff artist . . .

This one’s a little corny but with a touch of charm.  I had cut some green metallic ribbon and accidentally noticed how it looked like glitter.  Before I knew it I had a little garden.

This one reminds me of a girl with dark hair blowing in the wind.

Don’t be afraid to crack up a little and sprout your inner wild child. Be messy. Because there’s no messing up.

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