That’s how Boy, my freshly turned twelve-year-old grandson, greeted me the other day.  Or to be more exact, he said “Whadup?” and then smiled a great big little boy grin.  Who could resist?  He still got a sloppy kiss from his granny, although I sternly reminded him I’d rip his hair out if he thinks for one second any kind of gang stuff is cool.  And then I started wondering, just exactly what does “Whadup?” mean?  It seemed obvious, and he’s a wonderful, affectionate kid with lots of equally sweet friends.  Life is good.  But it pains me to know he’s at that age when things could get perilous in the blink of an eye.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the terrible worries of parents and grandparents, especially with the new school year already underway in many parts of the country.  Violence is too real.  The healing must start.  Now.  Let’s keep hugging and kissing our overgrown adolescents even when they shrug us off due to their coolness, or whatever it is they call it these days.  It’s all about them, for they will be the healers.

So, I’m going to share a link with you and you’ll probably think I’m a massive idiot after my little speech on healing our society.  I thought long and hard about whether or not I should.  It is full of extremely nasty, disgusting and offensive language:

I have several reasons for sharing tonight (but not listing as a regular link):

  • I don’t believe you can be truly educated on anything unless you are brave enough to read everything.
  • I believe in free speech.
  • It’s very hard to relate to the younger generation if we’re clueless about their lingo or humor.  Humor, however twisted, always hints at the real gist of an issue.
  • I am a G-rated person, but I am not perfect.  (I did say in the tagline of my blog title that this is a messy place.)
  • You’ll even find a little G-rated funny.  For instance, I learned that I have been guilty of Muffin Topping.  (Yikes.  I’m telling this to the world?)

And “Whadup?” just means “What’s up?”  Whew Boy.