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Out of Hibernation & Into Spring!


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Snow Long Guys!


Here in Wisconsin we do winter longer.  Our snowmen are not wimpy.  They don’t melt the minute Christmas is over.

Yet, when you hear one of your snowmen asking, “Wouldn’t those blue jelly beans make a great pair of eyes?” you know it’s time to get ready for spring.  So, snow long guys!  My melted heart’s hopping for spring!


Have a beautiful Easter!

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A (Salty Wisconsin) Spring in My Step

While much of the country is enjoying green grass and budding trees, us northerners are thrilled just to glimpse the geese flying bravely in the whipping March winds while we make mad dashes through our salt covered parking lots to our still frozen cars.  Salt is our friend all winter.  It keeps our roads and sidewalks safe.  It is the secret to outsmarting Cold Mother Nature.  But aside from all that important stuff, it drives us crazy with its ability to stick to e.v.e.r.y.thing.  In March, we’re so ready to wash away the salt and season our eyes with color once again.

The other day I did stop in the parking lot long enough to catch a few pictures of the lovely stuff.  Perfect material for a little Photoshop fun.  See the faded cracks?

So what’s under your feet this time of year?  Bet it would make great art . . .

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