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Dusting the Digital Attic

Just think. With smart phones and social media, you can not only quickly publish your own words, you can save your bumbling scribbles for generations to come.

If only your grandma could have done this with all of her recipe cards, right?



Scratching on Green Velvet

You will turn over many a futile new leaf till you learn we must all write on scratched-out pages.  – Mignon McLaughlin (1913-1983), American writer

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Well here I am.  I apologize for my lack of attention for nearly 4 months.  In addition to the lame excuse that I’ve been busy, I have another reason for avoiding you.  I have been trying to make decisions on what I want to write about, and rather than bravely blogging my thoughts and ideas, I have chosen to simply clam up.  Actually, maybe it’s a good thing I’ve saved you from my ramblings.  If I’m going to drive you away I guess I’d rather it be due to my silence than because of what I write.

I won’t attempt to bore you by cramming 4 months of self-indulged scrap-blogging just to make myself feel better.  I will attempt to give you a brief view of where my heart and mind are these days.

New blog?  I have been tempted to start one.  I’ve been saving a list of clever names and tag lines, just in case I go through with it.  In the meantime, I’ve decided to “write on scratched-out pages” here on My Green Velvet Life.

Twitter.  You may have noticed I hang out there a lot.  It is a great place to become skilled in The Poetry of Concision and quickly share endless articles and helpful resources.  But I must admit it leaves me feeling impatient with traditional writing.  Did I mention it is fun and addicting?

Pinterest.  Pinners, I know you understand.  Non-Pinners, just imagine having the entire world as your wish book.  As you giddily pin your life away you realize your one true wish is to simply have time to pin all of your wishes . . .

State of the world.  If you know me or if you read my tweets, you know that I am a Christian, pro-life conservative who is deeply worried about the United States and the entire world.  We are not protecting life and freedom.  Why are we allowing leaders to trash the U.S. Constitution? This perfect human rights document should be an example for the entire world.  Not because Americans are better than anybody else.  Because free people are the only people capable of making our world a better place.  Weren’t we all made to live free?  Whether or not you believe in God, can you deny your innate free will?  Would you deny it in others?  Have you ever read James Otteson’s Moral Case for Capitalism?

The story of God & us.  Have you been watching The Bible on The History Channel?  An interesting comment I’ve been hearing is how people don’t like the violence in the stories. There seems to be a growing need for more understanding of God and the stories in the bible, yet a shrinking ability to find time for church, discussion, or even debate with people who don’t believe in God.  Going forward, I will try to share more of my deeper thoughts.

For now, I’ll leave you with a few tidbits:

Deeply Messy Topics (doesn’t mean they can’t still be fun)

God:  The picture that makes me smile.

Bible for the Clueless:  Stupid = not to. Practical = how to.  Miracles = do too! Jesus = listen to.

Free Will & Evolution: Why God made them perfectly messy.

Religion:  Trying to put God’s love into a box.

Free Speech & Humility:  Why social media is a spiritual tool.

Sin:  It’s anything that _____.  (My pre-school Sunday Schoolers could get this.)

Technology:  Discover what it really is.

Revelations:  It’s about seeing not waiting.

Perfectly Fun Topics

Recycling:  More cards and art projects of course.  Plus, Granny’s Never Ending Art Project . . . if I can find time to actually start it.

Brilliant Advice:  You’ll be an all-star if you take this handy item to your next spectator sport.

Recipes:  I’ll probably never top my fabulous Ode to Jergens Lotion Bagel Spread. But I’ll try!

Thank you for visiting,

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How Pinteresting!

My newest fascination:  Pinterest, the most amazing, satisfying and useful tool I’ve seen since Facebook.  It is basically a site where you share visual bookmarks of everything you love–a giant wish book you can organize to your heart’s delight by pinning onto “boards”.

But more.  You instantly connect with kindred spirits and discover new people, places, information/ideas you might not otherwise ever notice.  Sure you love your Facebook friends, but that doesn’t mean you want to be constantly inundated with their top 25 favorite sites of the day.  Pinterest is pure sharing and discovery, without strings attached.

But even more.  All of this instant connecting creates a very raw and powerful tool for marketing, communications and the human experience.

Why do Facebook and Pinterest thrive?  Because people need to give of themselves.  This is especially evident at Christmas time.  We wipe ourselves out looking for perfect gifts, but really it is so easy.  It’s that little part of yourself you need (and can afford) to share.  My grandmother liked to give Avon and socks.  I like to give books.  My daughter likes to give experience (tickets to a play, movie, etc.).  As a receiver of gifts, we should be especially thankful for those truly given in the spirit of sharing one’s self.  I have a bittersweet story on how I learned this.  My birthday is in early January, a notoriously sucky time for everybody.  One year when I was a young adult, my mother gave me a nice calendar for Christmas (one of her favorite items to give).  A week later, for my birthday, she gave me exactly the same thing.  I was so hurt, but I never said anything.  When she died a couple of years later I realized she wasn’t doing so well when she gave it to me.  But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally got the real lesson.  She really, really wanted me to have that dang calendar!  It wasn’t about what I wanted but what she needed to give me.  If I had saved her gift I’d have it hanging where I could literally see her love for me every day.

Oh yes I’m still on the subject of Pinterest . . . It is a powerful way to simply share ourselves . . .

Don’t ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.  — Howard Thurman (1900-1981), American theologian, clergyman & activist

To get started, you must sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account.  (I realize this is a turn-off for some people.)  Then you simply start pinning away everything you love or just catches your eye.  You can pin directly from your own Internet adventures, from your own files, or re-pin what others have pinned.  Plus, you can easily follow other pinners which is a great way to expand your discoveries.

At this time I don’t believe there is a way to keep your pins private.  Too bad because it would make a useful shopping/planning tool; however, a really fun way to use Pinterest is to make “gift boards” for others.  It’s purely a game, just like when I was a girl sharing the Sears catalog with my big sister.  We’d each pick a side and then we “got” everything on our sides–unless trade agreements were made of course.  On Pinterest, I gave a dreamy swimming pool to my entire family, a number of cute kitties to my daughter, and some very nostalgic memories to my sisters.  Pure fun in the name of love.

Sure, my hubby thinks I’m just playing pretend for 3 hours, but really I am organizing, planning, dreaming and connecting in a way that is quickly reshaping our world.  For example, in a matter of seconds, I discovered and pinned:

A beautiful picture of Saint Cecilia, my grandmother’s namesake.

This amazing creature.  I call him Little Angel.

All the uses for WD-40–I still have the email-that’s-been-around-the-earth-a-trillion-times, but so much more handy to have a quick pin.

Some lushy vintage curtains . . . thinking of painting my bedroom a soft silver . . .

Oops I forgot to mention one thing.  You can even create a Things Not to Do! board:

In the waves of social media, Pinterest is a whopper.  Ride it!

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