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Repost: (Tight)wad Bows

Last year after Christmas, I was fooling around with the gigantic mess of leftover wrapping paper on my art room table and I discovered a fun and ultra easy way to use leftover wrapping.  I had decided I would not publish it until the following year during holiday season, so it would be fresh in your mind as you find yourself buried in a mountain of leftover Christmas cheer.  (And you will, no matter how neat you try to be!)

Well here it is the Christmas season once again and . . . ta da!  My idea makes its debut tonight:  Use your leftover paper to make bows!

Take the wrapping paper in your hand (pattern right side up), then squeeze and wad up in the middle:

Take the ends and fold under (all around, until it has a circular shape), then staple in the middle:

At this point, you have a respectable bow, although your staple will show if you look closely.

But don’t stop there! Make at least one more bow to layer on top. You can layer even more if you’d like. I did cheat a bit on the smaller red bow. Instead of stapling I just taped it in the bottom.

These bows might be perfect for you if:

  • You love the less-than-perfect, homey, vintage look.
  • You don’t want to spend one cent on bows.
  • You are creative but not crafty.  You are maybe a little clutzy.

You could even wad up the kids and let them make all the bows for you.  They love elf work!

So wad do you think?

Wee Bit O’ Green

How could I not share some of my favorite color with you on St. Patrick’s Day?  You might wonder why some of these images have only a touch of green.  Sometimes just a dab will do.  I think that’s why I love green so much.  It has a way of making all the other colors more beautiful.

I’m so cute I should be on Pinterest.

Dear Green: I love you.

I shall name you Lucky Leprechaun Moth.

Dear God, help me be a green friend who helps make others more beautiful.

You can slow down a wee bit and still win the race.

Goodnight & Sweet Greens . . . but first, you might want to try your Irish luck at the end of over the rainbow:

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