Pack your bags, we’re going on a guilt trip!  — Jimmy Buffett (b. 1946), American musician

Sorry Jimmy.  NOT!

If you have a gazillion important things you should be doing you certainly don’t need to go there, down that spirally journey of guilt.  I mean, it’s just one more thing to do and who needs that?

Now doesn’t it feel wonderful to be given permission to stop worrying and beating yourself up?

Yep, I know what you’re thinking.  Sure, wonderful for a minute.  I’ve unpacked my bags.  Now I have to do the laundry.  And download my pictures.  And pay the bills.  And clean out the car.  And water the plants.  And get groceries.  And pluck my eyebrows.  And mow the grass.  And check email and Facebook.  And . . .

Well, maybe a guilt trip isn’t such a bad little getaway afterall . . . as long as you pack a margarita and your favorite Jimmy Buffett songs.