I’ve found a new use for my camera.  It’s a fun way to document stuff I’m thinking about working on, or just simply thinking about, a seriously goofing off process I like to call stuffing.  These are some papers I’ve been playing with for card making ideas.  I love to spend quiet time studying colors and patterns.  To the uninitiated, I appear to be basking in laziness, but really, I am hard at work tidying up the creative corners in my brain (after I’ve made a big mess of course, which is the critical first step).

I’ve been in love with gray lately.  It has such a quiet beauty.  And orange because it’s fun!

Something magical happens when I print my vintage images on textured Bazzill paper.  Aren’t these just the sweetest friends ever?

Try to find a little time this week to do some stuffing of your own.  You don’t need anything special.  Just small collections of stuff: buttons, fabric, photos, pens & pencils, yarn, kids’ artwork, books, food (try your spice cabinet!), nails and screws and junk—anything visual.  It’s so good for you!  This is something kids instinctively know.  Just watch a couple of five year-olds sort your bottles of nail polish with delight.  You don’t even need to make anything.  Just pile together whatever makes your eyes happy.