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By-the-Ways: Quick Pull Overs

I have a big green blog. I need a big green car.

I haven’t forgotten you.  Just trying to keep up with life in the granny lane.  What lane are you in?  I don’t think any of them are slow any more.  So pull over and take a little stretch: 

  1. 7 Keys to Your Creative Genius – Keys??? Heck, I’d like to know where the CAR is. 😉
  2. What would Don Draper do? – I’m really mad for Mad Men.
  3. Fingerprint Trees – You don’t have to be a kid enjoy this.
  4. They Might Be Awesome – Or this.
  5. Sexist Retro Ads We’d Like to Forget – But love to remember!
  6. Mates for Supper + Naked Ladies – Hmm . . . in case the first five didn’t get your attention.

Now back to the super highway of life.  Drive safely!

BY-THE-WAYS: I found an Elf and some other Treats on the Poetic Path to a Rockpool! (Translated: It’s late and I’m getting punchy.)

Although I haven’t been very visible on Green Velvet lately, I promise I’m here, hanging around in the background.  I’ve been very busy learning more about digital art and even a little web design.  You might have noticed I’m showing off a few new visuals to the right.  Fun!  But don’t be too impressed.  It took me all of 6 months to figure some of this out . . .

I’ve also been on some wonderful poetry adventures.  I’ve met so many amazing and talented people lately.  Amazing people you ask?  Who?

Even if you’re not a poetry fanatic, I promise, you could use a little Poem Elf in your life.  She has a wonderful collection of poetry and an even more wonderful way of sharing it with others.  At least take a peek at her fun blog header!  Do it!  I especially enjoyed her post re: Robert Hayden’s Those Winter Sundays.  Beautiful.  In these hard times, I pray that people appreciate and support those leaders who serve us in “love’s austere and lonely offices”.  (Hmmm . . . yes I’m a Wisconsinite who fully supports our Governor Walker as he works to save our teachers’ jobs.  Not pleasant but necessary.)

Carys at Rockpool Poetry not only writes beautiful poetry, she knows her stuff in the poetic form department.  She even divvies up her poems in categories such as Cinquain, Sonnets, Couplets, etc.  She also has fun with form in her poetry.  I am in awe.  This is definitely not my strength.  I’v studied poetry on my own for most of my life and I will never, ever have the patience or discipline to write (or even remember) any strict form other than haiku.

Geraldine at My Poetic Path  not only writes lovely poetry and keeps a couple of other fun blogs, she inspired me to add my coming of age photo to this blog.  I am not a beauty queen, but I am filled with 50 years of beauty (well, distressed beauty, but that is the best kind).  She also has a very nice list of writing resource links.  She also knits.  See Veggies, Yarns & Tails.  Her red shrug is to die for!

And for you techies or wanna-be techies and/or blog starters:  Check out Web Treats for some delectable vintage wallpapers and graphics.  All free beauty!

BY-THE-WAYS: A Little Holiday Help (If You Need It)

Well, you’d think I’d be busy baking and wrapping.  Nope.  Plenty of time for that later. You know why?  Because I’m off tomorrow!  No alarm clock!  So here I am playing Holiday Fairy (aka, Goofer-Offer in Web Land).  But I have a good excuse: Readers who might need me!   

Here’s a fun surprise for any of you who are chiding yourselves for forgetting to buy fun gift tags for Christmas:  I love Beth Leintz’s idea of using vintage Christmas packaging.  You can even print a pdf copy for your own personal use.  And her naughty gift tag (don’t worry it’s not that naughty) will give you a St. Nick chuckle.  I know a few sassy-mouth family members who would be appropriate receivers of this tag!  Thank you Beth!

This next one is a swooner.  If you love houses, and especially if you love movies, TV and celebrities, you are in for a treat at  I took a peek at Iris’s cottage.  Iris lives in a fairy tale English cottage in the movie The Holiday, a lovely romantic comedy that’s also just a bit about Christmas, which makes it the perfect choice for a quiet night over the holidays.

I’m also including a link to  Even if you aren’t a member, it’s an excellent place to read about movies.  Start with The Holiday!

And one more for tonight because you last minute shoppers might still have time:  You can find the most beautiful and personal gifts at, a marketplace for sellers of everything vintage and hand-made.  Many of you are well acquainted with it, but if you’re not, I promise it is a treasure.  You will be impressed with the amazing array of hand-made and vintage items, and prices for every budget.  At least do a little window shopping!

Yep.  I waved my wand so all of these links would also appear in my list to the right.  Now I’m waving my fairy wand and wishing you all a blessed Christmas!

By-the-Ways: Random Souvenirs of Crazy Internet Road Trips

I’m jumping on the blog bandwagon and adding a new feature of random links you might enjoy.  Being a compulsive organizer, I can’t simply throw them out to you without giving them a named category:

By-the-Ways.  Just little places on the Internet I have found interesting, helpful or simply enjoyable.

I’m still learning how to make neat, nice-looking links so you might have to put up with a few messy ones at first.  Sorry!  Sometimes I’ll link to a simple post and sometimes a full blog or other site.  And if the site is Green Velvet worthy it will even show up my list of links to the right, like this one, for instance:

I discovered a magical place today.  Visit and be prepared to smile with sheer enchantment.  The Toymaker is a lovely hostess who will send you on your way with precious little toys to make for someone special.  Click Free Toys at the top of her page.  Come on.  You could use a smile . . .

If your inner elf is a bit burnt out on toys at the moment, you could at least take a nice stroll (via snowboard!) around beautiful Montmartre in Paris:  Remember this little gem the next time you’re walking about in your own neighborhood and think it’s not very exciting.  Imagine a little foreigner on your shoulder who would tell you otherwise.  And you guessed it, Little Brown Pen is now on my list to the right.  So now you can visit Paris every time you visit me.  Blatant bribing!

That’s it for me on this (thankfully) quiet winter’s night.  Now that I’ve decided on my By-the-Ways name, you’ll be hearing more from me in between my regular posts.  I’m always out here exploring and hunting for surprises, but I promise I don’t really let my grandkids drive . . .

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