I love a good purse.  Over the years, I’ve learned that shopping for a purse is really not as stressful as we sometimes make it.  The trick is knowing the features you absolutely insist upon.  My list:

  • Big & roomy.
  • Sturdy–no floppy walls!
  • Classy.
  • Strong straps-not too long or short.  Even better if adjustable.
  • Good sturdy lining in a dark color.
  • No cutsie features that add weight and/or take up valuable real estate(although the cute doll does come in handy for blog pics).
  • A top zipper to keep everything completely secure.
  • Of course, these demands can go out the window for a special ccasion.

I don’t have the time or patience to change my purse often so my strategy has always been to buy one good purse–not really pricey but reasonable quality.  I use it faithfully for a few months, sometimes for only weeks if the quality ends up being a disappointment, but always without emotional attachment.  This is a helpful attitude when it promptly goes bye-bye to Goodwill while I go shop for another one.

That said . . . big red purse, I love you!

I’m sure you have your own list.  Go forth and find your purse!  You might just find it at Artsy-Crafty Babe.  She makes beautiful purses, often using vintage fabrics.  Very chic and reasonably priced too.   I do get a bit envious every time she scores yet another stack of vintage sheets . . .  You’ll enjoy visiting with her even if you’re not after a purse at the moment.

Oh, did you like my big purse quote?  It’s my piggyback quote from Aretha Franklin: “I am a big woman.  I need big hair.”  (I can relate Aretha!  Although I’m a total loser at the big hair thing.  My hair just does what it wants.)  Do you have any piggyback quotes you’d like to share?  No?  I bet you could make one up.  Would love to hear from you!