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Little Tweets

Thought I’d start adding some of my original tweets on here since not everybody follows Twitter.  Please excuse the basicness of the graphics–I just broke out my dusty my ol’ Photoshop–and now I remember why it is such a dangerous pastime. Because it’s PASTIME for bed . . .


Tiny Tales

Health. It begins with life.


Life. Babies love it.

Babies. Life’s newest fashions.

Wee Bit O’ Green

How could I not share some of my favorite color with you on St. Patrick’s Day?  You might wonder why some of these images have only a touch of green.  Sometimes just a dab will do.  I think that’s why I love green so much.  It has a way of making all the other colors more beautiful.

I’m so cute I should be on Pinterest.

Dear Green: I love you.

I shall name you Lucky Leprechaun Moth.

Dear God, help me be a green friend who helps make others more beautiful.

You can slow down a wee bit and still win the race.

Goodnight & Sweet Greens . . . but first, you might want to try your Irish luck at the end of over the rainbow:

2012: Kicking Around the Bucket List

Still to Do, Still to Do:

Paint our woodwork a creamy, dreamy white.  Not all of it, just the nondescript pieces. (My hubby just doesn’t understand.)  I’ll take some of these lovely white book shelves too.

Pinned Imagefrom

Take entire family to see Tran-Siberian Orchestra next Christmas.

Pinned Image

Write the story of my life in poetic form.  Hmmmm, I better get crackin’ on this.

Start sewing again.

Visit England / Ireland / Scotland.  3 months!  But yikes how to leave my family that long???

Pinned Imagefrom

Should probably add Win the Lottery (see above).

Scan in all family pictures.  I’ve been working this for years.  Many more to go.

Silver-streaked hair.  See gorgeous example:  I’m getting there.  One more cut and all color should be just about gone.  It has been a bit scary.  The hardest part was the first few weeks.

Start planting a vegetable garden again.

Tonight:  Cozy up at home for dinner and a movie (chicken breasts, roasted Brussels sprouts and baked potatoes; and movie John Adams).

So, What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

And the rest of you life?

May it be blessed!

Perspectives: Careful Planning for a Weekend Outing

Saturday Before: I shall wear smart slacks and sassy scarves.


Sunday Before: I shall study the local history.

Monday Before: I shall cheerfully clean for a perfectly delightful homecoming.

 Tuesday Before: I shall leave work on time.  Daahlings, I do have a life.

Wednesday Before:  I shall pack shiny apples and hot cocoa.

Thursday Before: Must get to bed early for my beauty rest.


Friday (The Big Day):  Surely I have something suitable to wear . . .

Something fun and flirty?
Something freshly laundered?
Something . . .Anything . . .
that frickin’ fits!
Don’t you just love planning?

Greetings from One Lazy Chick

Happy weekend!  Would love to tell you that I’ve been pecking away on many creative projects, but really I’ve just been a tired old hen the last couple of weeks.  I’m yearning for a little sunshine and simplicity.  Who isn’t lately in this crazy world?

In keeping with my lazy mood, I’m simply sharing a few of my favorite vintage Easter cards.

What color is your bonnet?

Hi Easter Bunny!

Spring is throwin’ a party! (Wisconsin just didn’t get the invitation yet . . . )

This is what Easter Bunny does with his free time.

Now you know why some eggs are cracked.

Do these jammies make my butt look big?

All chicks need their beauty rest.

Wishing you a little simplicity, sunshine and laziness.

Know Any Sassy Queens?

I feel rude and one-dimensional lately.  I’ve been ignoring my blog all week, and here I am barging in with another poem.  I promise I’ll get better about not hiding myself.  This is just a tiny poem, which hopefully fits snug right into your overloaded day!

 Sassy Queen
Trails of frosted crystal
blow from green glittering breezes.
The great queen shivers and sings:
Flannels my butt!
I’m wearing diamonds to bed!

Another Little Girl

Can you take yet another Photoshop girl?  I made her tonight, in honor of my daughter’s birthday.  So much fun I could stay up all night playing!

DISH DARTS: Ode to Jergens Lotion (Cherry Almond) Bagel Spread

I love food blogs.  Someday I might even write a food blog.  But for now you’re stuck with my new food feature, DISH DARTS, on this everything-blog.  I’m all about no-fuss so don’t expect kitchen wizardry.  But I do have high standards:  Fresh.  Quick-and-easy.  Fun-to-eat.

You might notice I don’t give much direction on amounts and measuring.  Sometimes it is important to measure, but most of the time, you should be in charge of how much of whatever you like to put in your food.  You’re the boss and you get to eat it.

I also don’t have an endless store of ideas, so I might often hit up my talented friends and family for recipes/ideas to feature.  They’d get all the credit of course.  (All credit is paid in glory.  Sorry no cash.)  And if they’re shy I can use an alias or first name only . . .

When you have a few minutes, please check out  It’s a brand new place WordPress has created for all sorts of food blogs and postings.  (For your convenience I’ve added it to my list of links to the right.)  Okay.  You’ve probably guessed it.  I wouldn’t mind getting featured over there once in a while.  But I don’t need it.  I am a homebody.  All I need is my cozy kitchen and comfy blog, and of course a few happy readers.

And . . . you readers will be very happy if you make this yummers Cherry Almond Bagel Spread.  It’s an Ode to Jergens Lotion because, as a young girl in the 60’s, I have very fond memories of the pretty black labeled lotion bottle sitting by our kitchen sink.  (Sorry Jergens but your vintage bottle was way cooler than the modern version.)  I’ve always loved the cherry almond smell, although as a child I had no idea it was cherry almond.  I also had no idea it would one day inspire my bagel spread.  Actually, I had never heard of a bagel back then.

Warning! Not for use with your bagel spread.
Ode to Jergens Lotion (Cherry Almond) Bagel Spread
  • cream cheese (I like Neufchatel cheese–it’s much less fat)
  • a little sugar (I like brown sugar)
  • a dash of almond extract
  • dried tart cherries (you can find these next to raisins, dates, etc.)
  • sliced almonds (best if you lightly toast them in a skillet with a dab of butter)
  • plain bagels
  1.  Soften the cream cheese.
  2. Add a little sugar to taste.
  3. Add almond extract to taste.
  4. Stir in dried cherries.
  5. Spread mixture over toasted bagels.
  6. Smother in toasted almonds.
 If you’re lucky enough to have some leftover you will get a delightful surprise.  After a day or so (stored in the fridge of course) the dried cherries in the mixture will plump up and burst open with yumminess when you spread it over the bagels.
Maybe you have your own memories of the Jergens 1960’s bottle?  I’d love to hear about them.  Whether you do or don’t, you can still go out and buy yourself the modern version.  It still smells wonderful.  And you might be buying a bottle of memories for your child . . .

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