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Wee Bit O’ Green

How could I not share some of my favorite color with you on St. Patrick’s Day?  You might wonder why some of these images have only a touch of green.  Sometimes just a dab will do.  I think that’s why I love green so much.  It has a way of making all the other colors more beautiful.

I’m so cute I should be on Pinterest.

Dear Green: I love you.

I shall name you Lucky Leprechaun Moth.

Dear God, help me be a green friend who helps make others more beautiful.

You can slow down a wee bit and still win the race.

Goodnight & Sweet Greens . . . but first, you might want to try your Irish luck at the end of over the rainbow:

How Pinteresting!

My newest fascination:  Pinterest, the most amazing, satisfying and useful tool I’ve seen since Facebook.  It is basically a site where you share visual bookmarks of everything you love–a giant wish book you can organize to your heart’s delight by pinning onto “boards”.

But more.  You instantly connect with kindred spirits and discover new people, places, information/ideas you might not otherwise ever notice.  Sure you love your Facebook friends, but that doesn’t mean you want to be constantly inundated with their top 25 favorite sites of the day.  Pinterest is pure sharing and discovery, without strings attached.

But even more.  All of this instant connecting creates a very raw and powerful tool for marketing, communications and the human experience.

Why do Facebook and Pinterest thrive?  Because people need to give of themselves.  This is especially evident at Christmas time.  We wipe ourselves out looking for perfect gifts, but really it is so easy.  It’s that little part of yourself you need (and can afford) to share.  My grandmother liked to give Avon and socks.  I like to give books.  My daughter likes to give experience (tickets to a play, movie, etc.).  As a receiver of gifts, we should be especially thankful for those truly given in the spirit of sharing one’s self.  I have a bittersweet story on how I learned this.  My birthday is in early January, a notoriously sucky time for everybody.  One year when I was a young adult, my mother gave me a nice calendar for Christmas (one of her favorite items to give).  A week later, for my birthday, she gave me exactly the same thing.  I was so hurt, but I never said anything.  When she died a couple of years later I realized she wasn’t doing so well when she gave it to me.  But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally got the real lesson.  She really, really wanted me to have that dang calendar!  It wasn’t about what I wanted but what she needed to give me.  If I had saved her gift I’d have it hanging where I could literally see her love for me every day.

Oh yes I’m still on the subject of Pinterest . . . It is a powerful way to simply share ourselves . . .

Don’t ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.  — Howard Thurman (1900-1981), American theologian, clergyman & activist

To get started, you must sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account.  (I realize this is a turn-off for some people.)  Then you simply start pinning away everything you love or just catches your eye.  You can pin directly from your own Internet adventures, from your own files, or re-pin what others have pinned.  Plus, you can easily follow other pinners which is a great way to expand your discoveries.

At this time I don’t believe there is a way to keep your pins private.  Too bad because it would make a useful shopping/planning tool; however, a really fun way to use Pinterest is to make “gift boards” for others.  It’s purely a game, just like when I was a girl sharing the Sears catalog with my big sister.  We’d each pick a side and then we “got” everything on our sides–unless trade agreements were made of course.  On Pinterest, I gave a dreamy swimming pool to my entire family, a number of cute kitties to my daughter, and some very nostalgic memories to my sisters.  Pure fun in the name of love.

Sure, my hubby thinks I’m just playing pretend for 3 hours, but really I am organizing, planning, dreaming and connecting in a way that is quickly reshaping our world.  For example, in a matter of seconds, I discovered and pinned:

A beautiful picture of Saint Cecilia, my grandmother’s namesake.

This amazing creature.  I call him Little Angel.

All the uses for WD-40–I still have the email-that’s-been-around-the-earth-a-trillion-times, but so much more handy to have a quick pin.

Some lushy vintage curtains . . . thinking of painting my bedroom a soft silver . . .

Oops I forgot to mention one thing.  You can even create a Things Not to Do! board:

In the waves of social media, Pinterest is a whopper.  Ride it!

Perspectives: Careful Planning for a Weekend Outing

Saturday Before: I shall wear smart slacks and sassy scarves.


Sunday Before: I shall study the local history.

Monday Before: I shall cheerfully clean for a perfectly delightful homecoming.

 Tuesday Before: I shall leave work on time.  Daahlings, I do have a life.

Wednesday Before:  I shall pack shiny apples and hot cocoa.

Thursday Before: Must get to bed early for my beauty rest.


Friday (The Big Day):  Surely I have something suitable to wear . . .

Something fun and flirty?
Something freshly laundered?
Something . . .Anything . . .
that frickin’ fits!
Don’t you just love planning?

Unpack Your Bags. Do Not Go There.

Pack your bags, we’re going on a guilt trip!  — Jimmy Buffett (b. 1946), American musician

Sorry Jimmy.  NOT!

If you have a gazillion important things you should be doing you certainly don’t need to go there, down that spirally journey of guilt.  I mean, it’s just one more thing to do and who needs that?

Now doesn’t it feel wonderful to be given permission to stop worrying and beating yourself up?

Yep, I know what you’re thinking.  Sure, wonderful for a minute.  I’ve unpacked my bags.  Now I have to do the laundry.  And download my pictures.  And pay the bills.  And clean out the car.  And water the plants.  And get groceries.  And pluck my eyebrows.  And mow the grass.  And check email and Facebook.  And . . .

Well, maybe a guilt trip isn’t such a bad little getaway afterall . . . as long as you pack a margarita and your favorite Jimmy Buffett songs.

By-the-Ways: Quick Pull Overs

I have a big green blog. I need a big green car.

I haven’t forgotten you.  Just trying to keep up with life in the granny lane.  What lane are you in?  I don’t think any of them are slow any more.  So pull over and take a little stretch: 

  1. 7 Keys to Your Creative Genius – Keys??? Heck, I’d like to know where the CAR is. 😉
  2. What would Don Draper do? – I’m really mad for Mad Men.
  3. Fingerprint Trees – You don’t have to be a kid enjoy this.
  4. They Might Be Awesome – Or this.
  5. Sexist Retro Ads We’d Like to Forget – But love to remember!
  6. Mates for Supper + Naked Ladies – Hmm . . . in case the first five didn’t get your attention.

Now back to the super highway of life.  Drive safely!

Here’s the Secret

My 7 year-old  grandson Monkey asked me the other day why I’m always on the computer.  I guess he doesn’t understand that I’m out here on amazing and diverse Internet adventures.  He just sees that I’m sitting here (another lesson there for another time) . . .

So back to the secret.

I told him I have a lot to do.

Geez, he says.  Why don’t you just get it ALL done . . . in . . . one . . . day?

And he meant business.

The next day, he came up to my desk and fussed at me for not getting it all done the day before.

So now you know.

No excuses.

The kid ought to teach seminars.

Greetings from One Lazy Chick

Happy weekend!  Would love to tell you that I’ve been pecking away on many creative projects, but really I’ve just been a tired old hen the last couple of weeks.  I’m yearning for a little sunshine and simplicity.  Who isn’t lately in this crazy world?

In keeping with my lazy mood, I’m simply sharing a few of my favorite vintage Easter cards.

What color is your bonnet?

Hi Easter Bunny!

Spring is throwin’ a party! (Wisconsin just didn’t get the invitation yet . . . )

This is what Easter Bunny does with his free time.

Now you know why some eggs are cracked.

Do these jammies make my butt look big?

All chicks need their beauty rest.

Wishing you a little simplicity, sunshine and laziness.

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