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By-the-Ways: Random Souvenirs of Crazy Internet Road Trips

I’m jumping on the blog bandwagon and adding a new feature of random links you might enjoy.  Being a compulsive organizer, I can’t simply throw them out to you without giving them a named category:

By-the-Ways.  Just little places on the Internet I have found interesting, helpful or simply enjoyable.

I’m still learning how to make neat, nice-looking links so you might have to put up with a few messy ones at first.  Sorry!  Sometimes I’ll link to a simple post and sometimes a full blog or other site.  And if the site is Green Velvet worthy it will even show up my list of links to the right, like this one, for instance:

I discovered a magical place today.  Visit and be prepared to smile with sheer enchantment.  The Toymaker is a lovely hostess who will send you on your way with precious little toys to make for someone special.  Click Free Toys at the top of her page.  Come on.  You could use a smile . . .

If your inner elf is a bit burnt out on toys at the moment, you could at least take a nice stroll (via snowboard!) around beautiful Montmartre in Paris:  Remember this little gem the next time you’re walking about in your own neighborhood and think it’s not very exciting.  Imagine a little foreigner on your shoulder who would tell you otherwise.  And you guessed it, Little Brown Pen is now on my list to the right.  So now you can visit Paris every time you visit me.  Blatant bribing!

That’s it for me on this (thankfully) quiet winter’s night.  Now that I’ve decided on my By-the-Ways name, you’ll be hearing more from me in between my regular posts.  I’m always out here exploring and hunting for surprises, but I promise I don’t really let my grandkids drive . . .

Construction Zone: Junkie at Work

Please be patient with me. I’m still building this site and obsessing over organizing my links, etc. I’m an info and organizer junkie, which makes for some pretty serious run-ins on the 24 hour time limit of each day. But I hope to use my skills (obsessions) to help others by sharing cool/helpful Web sites and other information. Please check back often for new links. I’ll try bring a touch of simplicity and clarity to your hectic world.

Links Oh My

I’ve barely started adding my favorite links to this blog site and I’m starting to worry that I might have too much stuff to share. We’ll see . . .

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