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By-the-Ways: Quick Pull Overs

I have a big green blog. I need a big green car.

I haven’t forgotten you.  Just trying to keep up with life in the granny lane.  What lane are you in?  I don’t think any of them are slow any more.  So pull over and take a little stretch: 

  1. 7 Keys to Your Creative Genius – Keys??? Heck, I’d like to know where the CAR is. 😉
  2. What would Don Draper do? – I’m really mad for Mad Men.
  3. Fingerprint Trees – You don’t have to be a kid enjoy this.
  4. They Might Be Awesome – Or this.
  5. Sexist Retro Ads We’d Like to Forget – But love to remember!
  6. Mates for Supper + Naked Ladies – Hmm . . . in case the first five didn’t get your attention.

Now back to the super highway of life.  Drive safely!

Here’s the Secret

My 7 year-old  grandson Monkey asked me the other day why I’m always on the computer.  I guess he doesn’t understand that I’m out here on amazing and diverse Internet adventures.  He just sees that I’m sitting here (another lesson there for another time) . . .

So back to the secret.

I told him I have a lot to do.

Geez, he says.  Why don’t you just get it ALL done . . . in . . . one . . . day?

And he meant business.

The next day, he came up to my desk and fussed at me for not getting it all done the day before.

So now you know.

No excuses.

The kid ought to teach seminars.

Shopping in the Packers’ Future?

5 year old grandson Bear says: and if the Packers go to the Super Bowl, then after that they can go to the supermarket.

Busy Peeps!

I made a few friends last night.  Pretty crazy but I think I like them:

I hope to keep in better touch with you this coming week. In the meantime, here are few pictures from our Green Velvet Studio.

I made Christmas ornaments out of recycled cards and painted cardboard for my Sunday School kids. This is one of my favorites:

My daughter Tara made some fun crosses:

And more in progress. (I hope one of them is for me!):

I planted a little garden of jewel flower magnets:

And while cleaning up I found some beautiful art in one of my favorite places–underneath everybody’s projects. (Will do a post on Leftover Art one of these days.) This one is from my granddaughter Beans. Quite impressive, don’t you think?

Oh we made cookies too, but that will be another post. Stay tuned. They are easy and delicious . . .

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