Welcome to my messy life!  I am lucky to live with my family in a small mid-western village.  By day I’m an administrative supervisor where I’m fortunate to work with some of the best people in the world.  I turn into a pumpkin immediately upon coming home at night and therefore cannot leave my beloved cinders before duty calls the next morning.  Our house is usually crazy with a parade of characters coming, going, and sometimes staying.  There’s never a shortage of people to love or things to organize and share.

I enjoy reading and writing, organizing, holding babies, drooling over grandkids, hanging out with daughters and family, cooking, creating, homemaking, finding old 50 cent things, growing flowers, and simple poetry you don’t forget.  I rejoice in the very holiness of living as Jesus taught us and I vow to protect the beautiful miracle of mother, father, and child.

I love happy greens, like the worn green velvet on my art room chairs.  It beautifully catches the colorful, mundane and sticky stuff of life: coffee, glitter, ice cream, glue, and cat hair too.

Thank you for visiting!  Please feel free to contact me at grannyt@wi.rr.com.