A couple of football seasons ago, I happened to have in my Big Life Purse a most entertaining item.


Two carloads of our family had arrived at my grandson’s football game excruciatingly early.  Not that we don’t enjoy simply sitting around and visiting with each other, but when you have in tow several grandchildren (including a 1-year old), and no place for them to play except on the bleachers (enclosed underneath thank goodness), one hour can feel a little warped.

What to do . . . What to do . . . Wait a minute!  Granny has an idea!  With a wave of her Behr paint sample card . . . we played Find the Color!

How to Play: The “It” person gets to read one paint color name from the backside of the card (example: Big Purse Rouge).  Everyone else has to guess which color sample on the front side belongs to the name.  (Younger children need help but can still play.)

We all had so much fun! (Okay the guys weren’t too excited.  I think they were secretly envious.)  We were laughing and enjoying ourselves so much that one of the young girls from a family nearby came over and played with us.

If you play long enough you’ll eventually run out of paint names.  At this point, simply start making up your own names, which could be even more fun (the “It” person just needs to remember the real paint name it belongs to).

Sadly, I must note that not all paint sample cards are structured with paint names on one side and the paint colors on the other.  Please contact your favorite paint manufactures and ask them to consider reformatting their cards.  Afterall, it could be a very clever way to market paint: Dreams can be painted anywhere.

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