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November 2012

Repost: (Tight)wad Bows

Last year after Christmas, I was fooling around with the gigantic mess of leftover wrapping paper on my art room table and I discovered a fun and ultra easy way to use leftover wrapping.  I had decided I would not publish it until the following year during holiday season, so it would be fresh in your mind as you find yourself buried in a mountain of leftover Christmas cheer.  (And you will, no matter how neat you try to be!)

Well here it is the Christmas season once again and . . . ta da!  My idea makes its debut tonight:  Use your leftover paper to make bows!

Take the wrapping paper in your hand (pattern right side up), then squeeze and wad up in the middle:

Take the ends and fold under (all around, until it has a circular shape), then staple in the middle:

At this point, you have a respectable bow, although your staple will show if you look closely.

But don’t stop there! Make at least one more bow to layer on top. You can layer even more if you’d like. I did cheat a bit on the smaller red bow. Instead of stapling I just taped it in the bottom.

These bows might be perfect for you if:

  • You love the less-than-perfect, homey, vintage look.
  • You don’t want to spend one cent on bows.
  • You are creative but not crafty.  You are maybe a little clutzy.

You could even wad up the kids and let them make all the bows for you.  They love elf work!

So wad do you think?

Dear Ellen, thank you for the courage to spread joy.

Ellen Clapsaddle 1865-1934

Ellen Clapsaddle is on of my favorite artists.  Read more about her here

Be brave. Spread joy.

Little Tweets

Thought I’d start adding some of my original tweets on here since not everybody follows Twitter.  Please excuse the basicness of the graphics–I just broke out my dusty my ol’ Photoshop–and now I remember why it is such a dangerous pastime. Because it’s PASTIME for bed . . .


Staple Up These Blisters for Oozy Fun!

Here’s a shocker. I’ve actually made few cards lately. I had been saving some odds and ends of used packaging blister packs for a quite a while and finally found time to use them creatively.  Unfortunately, the photos don’t quite show off the shiny blister packs stapled to the cards, but I hope you get the idea.  I did cheat on the last one. There is no blister pack.  I simply wrapped yarn around the flower stems.  I am incredibly lazy.  You can be too.


Our polar white dust mop
perfectly polished up
leftovers of the days.
Flour falling and cookies calling.
Our mindless messiness
his beloved souvenirs.
Now just crumbs
so sharp they make my heart bleed.
Good-bye Bear . . . I know you’re giving lots of Bear Hugs in heaven . . . See you there some day . . .

Tiny Tales

Health. It begins with life.


Life. Babies love it.

Babies. Life’s newest fashions.

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