While it appears I’ve spent the last few weeks goofing off until all hours of the night, I’ve really been studying the miracle of our collective knowledge via the gigantic melting pot of Twitter.  We are quickly entering a stage of unpleasant growing pains.  We’ve put ourselves out here.  We can chitchat only so much before topics get serious and we must unveil our deeper selves to millions around us.  I pray that we learn to brave the power of our own words.  They can take us anywhere.

About Facing (It’s a poem.)

Friending!  Dolls tucked inside cropped boxes pose on shiny shelves where smiles are Shopped and tears are Liked.  We poke through crispy windows to pull-string happy words.  Children can’t be trusted long with unopened toys.  Ties untwist. Tiny pieces roll under the bed.  Hairs rat.  Pull-strings snap. Stop Looking at Me!  Bored, some of us go outside to play Do You See What I See? until cry babies say we have to play Who Can Be Quiet the Longest.  Tired adults agree. They make everybody sit on the couch while bullies trash our dolls and laugh from the other room.