We just spent a lovely weekend with family in Wisconsin’s thumb (Door County), the land of boats, lighthouses, hollyhocks, and many apple and cherry orchards.  I bought the smartest, granny-est souvenir from http://www.orchardcountry.com/:

Orchard Country’s Cherry Pitter

Yay! Now I can eat cherries respectfully at work.  No cherry-pit-spitting-cup needed!

I also brought home a bag of dried cherries.  (We won’t talk about the chocolate-covered dried cherries that mysteriously disappeared).  This gave me the perfect excuse to make my https://mygreenvelvetlife.com/2010/11/12/dish-darts-ode-to-jergens-lotion-cherry-almond-bagel-spread/.  Please try it! It is so yummy and easy!  No bull!