If you have had the patience to keep up with My Green Velvet Life, you have no doubt figured out I am completely unreliable. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and inadequate these past few weeks. We recently got our carpet replaced and wood floors refinished. Since this required us to move everything touching the floors, I couldn’t resist getting some major painting and cleaning done as well.  Still a lot to do, but overall it feels nice to have a somewhat spiffy house again.

But the next time so much work is involved, it will be a downsize to an easier to maintain home. As I start strolling through my 50’s I am seeing the wisdom in living with less space and stuff.  (Dear God, please help me be brave when the time comes.)

Lately I have tried to be content with the simple pleasures of people and home.  A person can’t always be everything, have everything, or share everything. Trust me. I’ve tried. (And I’ll keep trying. Just not right now.)

But a person can buy a fabulous new oilcloth for her beat-up kitchen table which makes her feel like a legendary-English-novel character.  She doesn’t have to worry about the wrinkles. They can be part of her story.

Spot of tea anyone?