I’m sorry to leave you hanging for so long on Part 1 of our last art adventure. A few weeks ago I got completely obsessed with Twitter (see sidebar on right).  It feels like a toy made just for me!  Twitter posts must be 140 characters or less which I find highly fun and challenging.  Reading on Twitter is a fantastic experience with quick and easy access to unlimited info/news via links attached to the tweets.  But, Twitter or not, I have been a terrible blogger.  I am sorry.

Now back to our art adventure . . . You probably figured out my little stunt. The photos from Part 1 are simply weird-angle-close-ups of my very clueless paintings.  I had started with simple acrylic paints and yummy textured paper.

At the hands of someone skilled and talented, this would have made a lovely painting.  I am neither.  But I am resourceful and I love a challenge.  So next step: Colored pencils.

These are watercolor pencils–so much fun!  After drawing, take a wet paint brush over your lines and watch the magic as they turn into gorgeous strokes of smeary color.  First I used a white pencil, then some dark pencils with just a slight wet brush smudging:

The colored pencils gave it a nice depth but still needed something . . . Hmmm.  Time to break out the glitter glue and dimensional paints.  You can’t go wrong with this stuff.  The messier the better.

How’s that for a bit of primitive shabby glam?

I am leaving you with a close-up shot of this painting in its very first stage.  Don’t you love how a magnified perspective turns a yawny visual into something quite fresh and interesting?

If only this approach worked with my face . . .