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December 2011

2012: Kicking Around the Bucket List

Still to Do, Still to Do:

Paint our woodwork a creamy, dreamy white.  Not all of it, just the nondescript pieces. (My hubby just doesn’t understand.)  I’ll take some of these lovely white book shelves too.

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Take entire family to see Tran-Siberian Orchestra next Christmas.

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Write the story of my life in poetic form.  Hmmmm, I better get crackin’ on this.

Start sewing again.

Visit England / Ireland / Scotland.  3 months!  But yikes how to leave my family that long???

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Should probably add Win the Lottery (see above).

Scan in all family pictures.  I’ve been working this for years.  Many more to go.

Silver-streaked hair.  See gorgeous example:  I’m getting there.  One more cut and all color should be just about gone.  It has been a bit scary.  The hardest part was the first few weeks.

Start planting a vegetable garden again.

Tonight:  Cozy up at home for dinner and a movie (chicken breasts, roasted Brussels sprouts and baked potatoes; and movie John Adams).

So, What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

And the rest of you life?

May it be blessed!

Taco Soup: What the elves are eating.

I have the perfect, easy and delicious recipe for all you elves out there.  We call it Taco Soup.  I can’t take credit for it.  A friend had found it in a newspaper many years ago.

Dump into pot and heat over medium heat:
Salsa – medium size jar
corn – 1 can (I don’t drain anything)
black beans – 1 can
chicken stock – 1 large can
green chilies – 1 small can (optional)
In the meantime, lightly crush tortilla chips into soup bowls.  Then cover crushed chips with grated cheese (we like sharp cheddar, but your choice).
When soup is hot, ladle over chips and cheese.

 You’ll be astounded at your elf magic!

This recipe makes a nice size pot of soup.  It’s about the quickest meal I’ve every heard of.  It keeps really well in the fridge (great to have for the day after Christmas or New Year’s Day).  You can also adjust the recipe in endless ways.  I often add cooked ground beef, shredded chicken, rice, etc.  Try it!

And maybe treat yourself to a cold Blue Moon beer with sliced lime.  So light and refreshing . . . The perfect way to unwind.

Santa says it’s ok put up your little elf feet for a bit.  He knows you’ve been busy.

Wishing you peace, joy and love!

(Tight)wad Bows

Last year after Christmas, I was fooling around with the gigantic mess of leftover wrapping paper on my art room table and I discovered a fun and ultra easy way to use leftover wrapping.  I had decided I would not publish it until the following year during holiday season, so it would be fresh in your mind as you find yourself buried in a mountain of leftover Christmas cheer.  (And you will, no matter how neat you try to be!)

Well here it is the Christmas season once again and . . . ta da!  My idea makes its debut tonight:  Use your leftover paper to make bows!

Take the wrapping paper in your hand (pattern right side up), then squeeze and wad up in the middle:

Take the ends and fold under (all around, until it has a circular shape), then staple in the middle:

At this point, you have a respectable bow, although your staple will show if you look closely.

But don’t stop there! Make at least one more bow to layer on top. You can layer even more if you’d like. I did cheat a bit on the smaller red bow. Instead of stapling I just taped it in the bottom.

These bows might be perfect for you if:

  • You love the less-than-perfect, homey, vintage look.
  • You don’t want to spend one cent on bows.
  • You are creative but not crafty.  You are maybe a little clutzy.

You could even wad up the kids and let them make all the bows for you.  They love elf work!

So wad do you think?

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