I have a big green blog. I need a big green car.

I haven’t forgotten you.  Just trying to keep up with life in the granny lane.  What lane are you in?  I don’t think any of them are slow any more.  So pull over and take a little stretch: 

  1. 7 Keys to Your Creative Genius – Keys??? Heck, I’d like to know where the CAR is. 😉
  2. What would Don Draper do? – I’m really mad for Mad Men.
  3. Fingerprint Trees – You don’t have to be a kid enjoy this.
  4. They Might Be Awesome – Or this.
  5. Sexist Retro Ads We’d Like to Forget – But love to remember!
  6. Mates for Supper + Naked Ladies – Hmm . . . in case the first five didn’t get your attention.

Now back to the super highway of life.  Drive safely!