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April 2011

Cheap Easter Fun

Don’t throw away those pretty foil candy wrappers! Use them to make these colorful crosses with the kids on Easter afternoon:

  • White school glue (and a plastic lid or disposable container for your glue)
  • Foil candy wrappers – a mix of colors is the most fun
  • Wooden Popsicle sticks
  • Fat paint brushes  or just use your fingers (we did and it worked better than the brushes)
  • Large plastic bag or packaging to work on (plastic is nice because it won’t stick to your project)
  • Wet paper towels or baby wipes.
  • Optional: magnets to put on back.
  • Eat candy.
  • Save your wrappers, smoothing them flat (this is a little tough for preschoolers).
  • Tear wrappers into little strips or whatever shapes you like.
  • Stick your brush or fingers into the glue, then, one at a time, smear over strips and press onto 2 wooden sticks .  It doesn’t matter if you get glue on both sides of the wrappers.  It’s messy, but the glue dries clear.
  • Once the sticks are decorated, glue them together to form a cross.
I made these with my five-year old grandson.  He loved it, but it was difficult for him to press the wrappers all the way.  I helped him a bit, and then quickly decided his looked great even if not perfectly pressed down.
Your fingers will be full of glue!  But clean-up is easy.

Have a blessed Easter!


Greetings from One Lazy Chick

Happy weekend!  Would love to tell you that I’ve been pecking away on many creative projects, but really I’ve just been a tired old hen the last couple of weeks.  I’m yearning for a little sunshine and simplicity.  Who isn’t lately in this crazy world?

In keeping with my lazy mood, I’m simply sharing a few of my favorite vintage Easter cards.

What color is your bonnet?

Hi Easter Bunny!

Spring is throwin’ a party! (Wisconsin just didn’t get the invitation yet . . . )

This is what Easter Bunny does with his free time.

Now you know why some eggs are cracked.

Do these jammies make my butt look big?

All chicks need their beauty rest.

Wishing you a little simplicity, sunshine and laziness.

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