Yay! It’s already time for One Stop Poetry’s One Shot Wednesday!  This week there is no photo challenge or theme so I picked my own Photoshop creation.  This is a poem I did a few years ago so don’t go thinking I just whip this stuff out by the minute (could if I had absolutely no other responsibilities but would never wish for that).  If you enjoy poetry you really need to check out their site.  It’s fun to see what other writers submit.  Hint: writers love to hear from people (that’s you)!

I have One Shot Poetry’s link on my list to the right.

One Aboard
One Aboard
 I ride on images and yesterdays
A frequent flier beyond my years.
Searching.  Forgotten souvenirs.
I read instructions, maps of where to go.
What to see.  Squabbles of digi- lines
become my truth of shapes and signs.
I sort through flat attractions
to find bargain moments.  Memories
find my fingers like piano keys.
Bumpy rides home.  I shove trinkets–
the coins of love’s greedy toll–
down clinking pockets.  My catch-all soul.
I arrive at the station.  Quiet.
I hug the arrival of myself.
Crumpled clothes.  No time to unpack.
I am where I am, but now I’m back
stepping onto this noisy train,
saying good-bye to me again.