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February 2011

I have a big life. I need a big purse. –poetgranny

I love a good purse.  Over the years, I’ve learned that shopping for a purse is really not as stressful as we sometimes make it.  The trick is knowing the features you absolutely insist upon.  My list:

  • Big & roomy.
  • Sturdy–no floppy walls!
  • Classy.
  • Strong straps-not too long or short.  Even better if adjustable.
  • Good sturdy lining in a dark color.
  • No cutsie features that add weight and/or take up valuable real estate(although the cute doll does come in handy for blog pics).
  • A top zipper to keep everything completely secure.
  • Of course, these demands can go out the window for a special ccasion.

I don’t have the time or patience to change my purse often so my strategy has always been to buy one good purse–not really pricey but reasonable quality.  I use it faithfully for a few months, sometimes for only weeks if the quality ends up being a disappointment, but always without emotional attachment.  This is a helpful attitude when it promptly goes bye-bye to Goodwill while I go shop for another one.

That said . . . big red purse, I love you!

I’m sure you have your own list.  Go forth and find your purse!  You might just find it at Artsy-Crafty Babe.  She makes beautiful purses, often using vintage fabrics.  Very chic and reasonably priced too.   I do get a bit envious every time she scores yet another stack of vintage sheets . . .  You’ll enjoy visiting with her even if you’re not after a purse at the moment.

Oh, did you like my big purse quote?  It’s my piggyback quote from Aretha Franklin: “I am a big woman.  I need big hair.”  (I can relate Aretha!  Although I’m a total loser at the big hair thing.  My hair just does what it wants.)  Do you have any piggyback quotes you’d like to share?  No?  I bet you could make one up.  Would love to hear from you!

BY-THE-WAYS: I found an Elf and some other Treats on the Poetic Path to a Rockpool! (Translated: It’s late and I’m getting punchy.)

Although I haven’t been very visible on Green Velvet lately, I promise I’m here, hanging around in the background.  I’ve been very busy learning more about digital art and even a little web design.  You might have noticed I’m showing off a few new visuals to the right.  Fun!  But don’t be too impressed.  It took me all of 6 months to figure some of this out . . .

I’ve also been on some wonderful poetry adventures.  I’ve met so many amazing and talented people lately.  Amazing people you ask?  Who?

Even if you’re not a poetry fanatic, I promise, you could use a little Poem Elf in your life.  She has a wonderful collection of poetry and an even more wonderful way of sharing it with others.  At least take a peek at her fun blog header!  Do it!  I especially enjoyed her post re: Robert Hayden’s Those Winter Sundays.  Beautiful.  In these hard times, I pray that people appreciate and support those leaders who serve us in “love’s austere and lonely offices”.  (Hmmm . . . yes I’m a Wisconsinite who fully supports our Governor Walker as he works to save our teachers’ jobs.  Not pleasant but necessary.)

Carys at Rockpool Poetry not only writes beautiful poetry, she knows her stuff in the poetic form department.  She even divvies up her poems in categories such as Cinquain, Sonnets, Couplets, etc.  She also has fun with form in her poetry.  I am in awe.  This is definitely not my strength.  I’v studied poetry on my own for most of my life and I will never, ever have the patience or discipline to write (or even remember) any strict form other than haiku.

Geraldine at My Poetic Path  not only writes lovely poetry and keeps a couple of other fun blogs, she inspired me to add my coming of age photo to this blog.  I am not a beauty queen, but I am filled with 50 years of beauty (well, distressed beauty, but that is the best kind).  She also has a very nice list of writing resource links.  She also knits.  See Veggies, Yarns & Tails.  Her red shrug is to die for!

And for you techies or wanna-be techies and/or blog starters:  Check out Web Treats for some delectable vintage wallpapers and graphics.  All free beauty!

Know Any Sassy Queens?

I feel rude and one-dimensional lately.  I’ve been ignoring my blog all week, and here I am barging in with another poem.  I promise I’ll get better about not hiding myself.  This is just a tiny poem, which hopefully fits snug right into your overloaded day!

 Sassy Queen
Trails of frosted crystal
blow from green glittering breezes.
The great queen shivers and sings:
Flannels my butt!
I’m wearing diamonds to bed!

One Aboard: One Shot Wednesday Poetry

Yay! It’s already time for One Stop Poetry’s One Shot Wednesday!  This week there is no photo challenge or theme so I picked my own Photoshop creation.  This is a poem I did a few years ago so don’t go thinking I just whip this stuff out by the minute (could if I had absolutely no other responsibilities but would never wish for that).  If you enjoy poetry you really need to check out their site.  It’s fun to see what other writers submit.  Hint: writers love to hear from people (that’s you)!

I have One Shot Poetry’s link on my list to the right.

One Aboard
One Aboard
 I ride on images and yesterdays
A frequent flier beyond my years.
Searching.  Forgotten souvenirs.
I read instructions, maps of where to go.
What to see.  Squabbles of digi- lines
become my truth of shapes and signs.
I sort through flat attractions
to find bargain moments.  Memories
find my fingers like piano keys.
Bumpy rides home.  I shove trinkets–
the coins of love’s greedy toll–
down clinking pockets.  My catch-all soul.
I arrive at the station.  Quiet.
I hug the arrival of myself.
Crumpled clothes.  No time to unpack.
I am where I am, but now I’m back
stepping onto this noisy train,
saying good-bye to me again.

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