Well, you’d think I’d be busy baking and wrapping.  Nope.  Plenty of time for that later. You know why?  Because I’m off tomorrow!  No alarm clock!  So here I am playing Holiday Fairy (aka, Goofer-Offer in Web Land).  But I have a good excuse: Readers who might need me!   

Here’s a fun surprise for any of you who are chiding yourselves for forgetting to buy fun gift tags for Christmas: http://bethleintz.typepad.com/gathering_dust/2010/12/last-minute-gift-tags-recycled-crafts.html.  I love Beth Leintz’s idea of using vintage Christmas packaging.  You can even print a pdf copy for your own personal use.  And her naughty gift tag (don’t worry it’s not that naughty) will give you a St. Nick chuckle.  I know a few sassy-mouth family members who would be appropriate receivers of this tag!  Thank you Beth!

This next one is a swooner.  If you love houses, and especially if you love movies, TV and celebrities, you are in for a treat at http://hookedonhouses.net.  I took a peek at Iris’s cottage.  Iris lives in a fairy tale English cottage in the movie The Holiday, a lovely romantic comedy that’s also just a bit about Christmas, which makes it the perfect choice for a quiet night over the holidays.

I’m also including a link to http://www.netflix.com.  Even if you aren’t a member, it’s an excellent place to read about movies.  Start with The Holiday!

And one more for tonight because you last minute shoppers might still have time:  You can find the most beautiful and personal gifts at etsy.com, a marketplace for sellers of everything vintage and hand-made.  Many of you are well acquainted with it, but if you’re not, I promise it is a treasure.  You will be impressed with the amazing array of hand-made and vintage items, and prices for every budget.  At least do a little window shopping!

Yep.  I waved my wand so all of these links would also appear in my list to the right.  Now I’m waving my fairy wand and wishing you all a blessed Christmas!