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November 2010

Busy Peeps!

I made a few friends last night.  Pretty crazy but I think I like them:

I hope to keep in better touch with you this coming week. In the meantime, here are few pictures from our Green Velvet Studio.

I made Christmas ornaments out of recycled cards and painted cardboard for my Sunday School kids. This is one of my favorites:

My daughter Tara made some fun crosses:

And more in progress. (I hope one of them is for me!):

I planted a little garden of jewel flower magnets:

And while cleaning up I found some beautiful art in one of my favorite places–underneath everybody’s projects. (Will do a post on Leftover Art one of these days.) This one is from my granddaughter Beans. Quite impressive, don’t you think?

Oh we made cookies too, but that will be another post. Stay tuned. They are easy and delicious . . .

DISH DARTS: Ode to Jergens Lotion (Cherry Almond) Bagel Spread

I love food blogs.  Someday I might even write a food blog.  But for now you’re stuck with my new food feature, DISH DARTS, on this everything-blog.  I’m all about no-fuss so don’t expect kitchen wizardry.  But I do have high standards:  Fresh.  Quick-and-easy.  Fun-to-eat.

You might notice I don’t give much direction on amounts and measuring.  Sometimes it is important to measure, but most of the time, you should be in charge of how much of whatever you like to put in your food.  You’re the boss and you get to eat it.

I also don’t have an endless store of ideas, so I might often hit up my talented friends and family for recipes/ideas to feature.  They’d get all the credit of course.  (All credit is paid in glory.  Sorry no cash.)  And if they’re shy I can use an alias or first name only . . .

When you have a few minutes, please check out  It’s a brand new place WordPress has created for all sorts of food blogs and postings.  (For your convenience I’ve added it to my list of links to the right.)  Okay.  You’ve probably guessed it.  I wouldn’t mind getting featured over there once in a while.  But I don’t need it.  I am a homebody.  All I need is my cozy kitchen and comfy blog, and of course a few happy readers.

And . . . you readers will be very happy if you make this yummers Cherry Almond Bagel Spread.  It’s an Ode to Jergens Lotion because, as a young girl in the 60’s, I have very fond memories of the pretty black labeled lotion bottle sitting by our kitchen sink.  (Sorry Jergens but your vintage bottle was way cooler than the modern version.)  I’ve always loved the cherry almond smell, although as a child I had no idea it was cherry almond.  I also had no idea it would one day inspire my bagel spread.  Actually, I had never heard of a bagel back then.

Warning! Not for use with your bagel spread.
Ode to Jergens Lotion (Cherry Almond) Bagel Spread
  • cream cheese (I like Neufchatel cheese–it’s much less fat)
  • a little sugar (I like brown sugar)
  • a dash of almond extract
  • dried tart cherries (you can find these next to raisins, dates, etc.)
  • sliced almonds (best if you lightly toast them in a skillet with a dab of butter)
  • plain bagels
  1.  Soften the cream cheese.
  2. Add a little sugar to taste.
  3. Add almond extract to taste.
  4. Stir in dried cherries.
  5. Spread mixture over toasted bagels.
  6. Smother in toasted almonds.
 If you’re lucky enough to have some leftover you will get a delightful surprise.  After a day or so (stored in the fridge of course) the dried cherries in the mixture will plump up and burst open with yumminess when you spread it over the bagels.
Maybe you have your own memories of the Jergens 1960’s bottle?  I’d love to hear about them.  Whether you do or don’t, you can still go out and buy yourself the modern version.  It still smells wonderful.  And you might be buying a bottle of memories for your child . . .

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