My daughter was so inspired by our fun cardboard witches, she expanded on the idea for my grand-daughter’s birthday party. (See my September 7 post: “Feeling Witchy?”) The children made cardboard princesses. It was an enchanted affair. Check out her pretty decorating:

For the cardboard creations, it didn’t take much to transform the witches into sparkly princesses. She used the same cardboard but painted them in time-tested little girl colors and sprinkled them with glitter. She did this beforehand to prevent staining up any of the royal gowns.

I love how she used the cardboard for part of the centerpiece.

She displayed assorted paper shapes, flowers, gems, yarn/ribbon and faces ready for little princess hands to work their magic.

She made these lovely faces using our balloon punch. Who’d have thought a balloon face could be so pretty?

And, ala! Each little girl made a new princess friend to take home:

And a little time for princess cake . . .

And painted on princess crowns and bracelets. Tul-le-lu-jah go Beans girl! I love the fairy tale of you.

And they all lived happily ever after . . . Let life be sweet for every five year old . . .