A child of five would understand this.  Someone go fetch a child of five.  — Groucho Marx, (1890-1977), American comedian & film star

Once again, a child reminds me that creativity is in the eye of the beholder.  And how limitless is a child’s sight.  My grandson, Monkey, found yet another use for the coffee can liners I’ve been saving (thanks to a thoughtful friend at work).  I’m not sure what to call his invention, but I think it has something to do with playing martial arts or Star Wars.  He used cellophane tape which seems like a reasonable way to attach the whatever they are.  (Tomorrow I will ask him.)

You might like to take a peek at my first little project with coffee can liners: What’s in Your Art Gallery?

Warning:  The edges of the liners can be a bit sharp.  Duct tape folded around the edges would probably be an easy way to remedy.

Any other ideas on ways to use coffee can liners?   Feel free to ask a five-year old.  Ask him about other stuff too.