My messy mind is having so many thoughts about how I want my blog to reach people.  I am now thinking of breaking off into 2 or 3 more blogs.  Yikes I don’t even have this one fully fledged!  Not sure about things tonight.  I will sleep on it.  I really think I need to stay focused on my original content goal: EVERYTHING, which is one messy place–writing, poetry, quotes, decorating, movies, pictures, flowers, life, card making, music, organizing, computer & software issues, love, loss, vintage finds, books, crafts, food, health, family, frustrations, restaurants, thoughts on the universe, fun bargains, travel ideas–though most of my modest trips consist of visiting with my family, recycling and . . . cat hair.  But my organizing nature is tempting me to branch out.  Does anyone else have this curse?  One accomplishment:  I learned how to put the lovely worn green background on the page.  A little confidence booster.