We had fun making a banner for Independence Day. All you need are colored paper, pencils, glue, scissors and glitter and yarn, string or ribbon. Just let everybody make their own glitter stars (paper can be any size or shape you want), and once dry, attach them all together on the yarn. This can be adapted to any theme. We even made a pink and purple one for my new granddaughter. At our house we keep things simple. When you have a dozen or so complicated characters running in and out you need to focus on EASY. I learned this at an early age. My parents had 9 kids. My mom was the oldest of 15 kids and dad’s family had 11 kids. When big families get together, it’s all about eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and sitting in any nook or cranny you can find. Yay crazy fun! And there’s always room for one more, so go out and join a big family if you don’t have one of your own.